Customize your chatbot answers

Updated 1 week ago by Gal

  1. In the left side menu, click 'SETTINGS' -> 'KNOWLEDGE FORM' and make sure you are in the 'Website Chatbot' tab.
    Here you can customize your chatbot answers in five topics - General, Welcome, Tenants, Prospective Tenants and Owners.
    At the bottom of the 'Website Chatbot' page, you will find the 'New Questions & Answers' - click here to Learn your chatbot new Questions & Answers
  2. To customize the answers, click on 'Select Topic' and select the relevant topic from the dropdown. Click on the topic to customize the answer.
  3. After clicking on the topic you will see the answer. All is left to do is to customize the answer and click 'SAVE'.
    After each change - click 'SAVE'.

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