How to assign a vendor - 'Different' Console

Updated 3 years ago by Lisa Ware

  1. There are two options to assign a vendor via the 'Different' Console. On the Maintenance Request "Info" page-
    (1) Click on 'ASSIGN' 
    (2) Click on 'OPTIONS' then click 'ASSIGN'
  2. After clicking on 'ASSIGN', a list of all the vendors that relate to the category of the request will open (e.g., in a plumbing request, you will see all your plumbers). Now, click on 'ASSIGN TO THIS VENDOR' icon to assign a vendor.
    Check on 'Show All Vendors' to see all your vendors.
    You can see the vendor calendar by clicking on the calendar icon.
    That's it! The request was successfully submitted and the vendor was successfully assigned. In addition, the status of the request was changed to "Pending Vendor Acceptance".

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