Instant Scheduling

Updated 3 years ago by Lisa Ware

Scheduling a request was never so easy! With 'Different' you can schedule a job within a few seconds and without all the coordination tasks.

  1. As a vendor, you will get a notification for each new request (click here to learn how to Adjust your notifications). The notification includes all the details of the request and a link to schedule the request.
  2. By clicking on the link, your interface will open (this can be done from any device). The first thing you will see is the 'Active Requests' tab with all the details of the request and if the tenant's presence is required or not. (in this example, tenant presence is required)
  3. By clicking on 'Accept', you will see your calendar and an explanation window will pop up, read it and then click 'OK'.
  4. Then, if the red draft time slot is convenient for you, just click on the 'Instant Scheduling' button. The request will be scheduled and the tenant will be notified accordingly. (video1)
  5. You can adjust the date and time from the time picker, then click on 'Instant Scheduling' and the request will be scheduled accordingly. (video2)

Watch these videos of how to schedule a request - Instant Scheduling:

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