How to create a new maintenance request

Updated 3 years ago by Lisa Ware

As a maintenance coordinator, you can open a general maintenance request (e.g. inspections, landscaping, etc.) or a new maintenance request on behalf of the tenant.

  1. In the left side menu, click 'MAINTENANCE' -> 'REQUESTS' then click on the 'NEW REQUEST' button in the top right corner.
  2. Fill in all the relevant information for the new maintenance request:
    Subject (Required) - The subject of the problem (e.g. leaking faucet, AC not working).
    Description (Required) - More details about the problem (e.g. the faucet in the kitchen has been leaking since yesterday, central AC is coming on but not blowing cold air).
    Category (Required) - Select the most relevant category for the request (there are around 30 categories).
    Priority - You can define the priority of the request as low, medium or high.
    Location - You can either fill the property, unit and address manually or check the 'Pick from tenant list' box, select the relevant tenant and all the details will be filled automatically.
    Tenant Details - You may check the 'Pick from tenant list' box to have the tenant's details populate automatically once you enter the tenant's name.
    Recurring Work - For a repetitive request, you can set a starting date and the repeat times. The vendor will be notified as each request comes due.
    Tenant Presence - If you check this box, the vendor will have to suggest availability to the tenant to complete the scheduling. If you do NOT check this box, the vendor will be able to set the time that fits them without tenant input.
    After all the details are filled, click on 'SAVE'. The new request will appear on the 'REQUESTS' page.
    You can also assign a vendor directly by clicking on 'ASSIGN'.

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