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Here is a comprehensive guide on everything you’ll need to set up your chatbot.

  1. Meet your chatbot:

    1. In the left side menu, click 'COMMUNICATION' -> 'CHATBOT INTEGRATION'.
      Click on the link under 'Direct Chat Link'.
    2. The link will lead you to the following page:
      Here you can test your chatbot at any time!
  2. Customize your chatbot:

    1. In the left side menu, click 'COMMUNICATION' -> 'CHATBOT CUSTOMIZATION' and make sure you are in the 'Bot' tab.
    1. You can customize your chatbot by following these steps:
    After each change - click on 'SAVE'.
    Status - When 'Bot Is Active' the chatbot will appear on your website, when 'Not Active' will not appear on your website.
    Site Visitor Info - When 'Ask Email' is active, the chatbot will ask to enter the email of the site visitor before the conversation.
    Auto Popup - Set the time (seconds) until the chatbot appears. Set '0' to show the chatbot without delay.
    Welcome Message - Edit the welcome message in your chatbot and set the time (seconds) to the chatbot to popup, set '0' to pop up without delay.
    Widget Window To Popup - Set the time (seconds) until the widget chat box opens. You can set '999' if you want the window to open only if the site visitor clicks the chatbot icon.
    Sound For Widget Window - When 'Play Sound' is active, the chatbot will make sounds, this will help attract more interaction with the bot.
    Bot Name - Set a name to your bot, or just write your company name. The name is displayed in the chatbot dialog box.
    Take Over - You have the option to join any conversation. When 'Ask User Approval' is active, the site visitor needs to approve your joining. If not, you can join at any time.
    Bot Icon - You can replace bot Logo with your brand and set your color. To change the logo just click on the 'LOGO' and replace it with your logo.
    Inactive Time - You can set when your chatbot will be inactive. Choose the day and select hours.
    After each change - click on 'SAVE'.
  3. Customize your chatbot answers:

    1. In the left side menu, click 'SETTINGS' -> 'KNOWLEDGE FORM' and make sure you are in the 'Website Chatbot' tab.
      Here you can customize your chatbot answers in five topics - General, Welcome, Tenants, Prospective Tenants and Owners.
      At the bottom of the 'Website Chatbot' page, you will find the 'New Questions & Answers' - click here to Learn your chatbot new Questions & Answers
    2. To customize the answers, click on 'Select Topic' and select the relevant topic from the dropdown. Click on the topic to customize the answer.
    3. After clicking on the topic you will see the answer. All is left to do is to customize the answer and click 'SAVE'.
      After each change - click 'SAVE'.
  4. Teach your chatbot new Questions & Answers:

    1. In the left side menu, click 'SETTINGS' -> 'KNOWLEDGE FORM', make sure you are in 'Website Chatbot' tab. Scroll down until you reach 'New Question & Answers'.
    2. Write your new question and the relevant answer then click 'SAVE'.
    3. You can find all your new questions and answers under 'Questions & Answers'.
      To edit or delete those new questions, select a question from the 'Select Question' dropdown.
      Now, you can edit and click 'SAVE' or delete by clicking on 'DELETE'.
  5. Install the chatbot on your site:

    1. In the left side menu, click 'COMMUNICATION' -> 'CHATBOT INTEGRATION' then insert your website URL in the 'Authorized URL' field and click 'SAVE'.
      Make sure to insert your full website URL (e.g. https://diffe.rent).
    2. Now, go to 'Install Chat Widget', copy and paste this JavaScript code snippet before the </body> tag in each page that you want your widget to appear on.
      If you have a webmaster, ask him to do this part for you.

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