Integration Process with Rent Manager

  Take advantage of Rent Manager API and AI technology. This can allow you to unlock powerful features.   APROVAL FROM RENT MANAGER: API with Rent manager need to be approved by you and by Rent Manager. Please send us ( this info:   • Rent Manager Corp ID • Contact Name • […]

Finish setting up your profile

1. Press on the profile icon or go to SETTINGS -> PROFILE in the left side menu. On the page that opens, click the Edit button. 2. Fill out the relevant fields and press SAVE button: Setup Guide is the world’s first and only artificial intelligence platform for property managers, here is a comprehensive guide on everything you’ll need to set up your chatbot. Our customer support team has built this guide to help you get started with easily! Feel free to follow this guide or use Knowladge Base page […]

Install Aiden on your site

1. Go to SETTINGS -> CHATBOT INTEGRATION from the side menu ( 2. Add your website URL in Authorized URL filed and press on SAVE button: 3. Copy and paste this JS code snippet before the </body> tag in each page that you want your widget to appear on: 4. Load the website you pasted […]

How To Customize My Bot?

1. Go to SETTINGS -> CHATBOT CUSTOMIZATION from the side menu ( 2. Change the status to “Bot is Active”, then press on SAVE button. 3. Activate one or more of the options will ask the username, email or phone number at the start of each conversation. 4. Define after how much time the widget […]


Settings is where you customize your bot and updating your profile. 1. PROFILE – Define your personal information in the profile page (see Finish Setting Up Your Profile). 2. NOTIFICATIONS – Set all the email addresses you’d like your notifications will arrive to as well as their type: email/web notification. 3. CHATBOT INTEGRATION – Get […]’s Artificial intelligence technology for your business