How to use is the first and only artificial intelligent assistant that was built especially for the real estate market🏆. Aiden (the bot) can assist you with your daily tasks, from qualifying leads through tenant engagement. Aiden can be your best assistant!

Communication channels:
There are many ways your clients can communicate with Aiden. The most common are the website, phone, and direct chat link.

Lead generation:
No forms, Conversations! Get ready to get quality leads about prospective tenants and to be able to qualify them in real-time. The bot will forward information about candidates who meet your criteria. He will protect you legally, not discriminate between candidates, and respond courteously (even if it is the middle of the night).

Maintenance support:
It’s 11:00 p.m. Mike, your tenant in unit 17, just discovered his toilet is leaking. 😎 Stay cool! Aiden (the bot) got your back. First, he will troubleshoot the problem. When it’s beyond the tenant capabilities, Aiden can either forward the necessary information to your pre-defined plumber or help your tenant fill maintenance request in your system. Next, Aiden will help with vendor’s scheduling.
Voila – You can thank him later 😉

and much more..’s Artificial intelligence technology for your business